A knight there was, and he a worthy man,
Who, from the moment that he first began
To ride about the world, loved chivalry,
Truth, honour, freedom and all courtesy.
--- The Knight, From The Canterbury Tales

Real name: Daniel Wallace.
Codename: Templar.
Species: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 21.
Character Origin: Milennial/Mystic.
Character Alignment: Hero.
Occupation: College Undergraduate (English Lit. Major).
Team Affiliatons: None.

Millenial Superpowers:
Peak Human Strength, Agility, Stamina, Reflexes

Mystic Superpowers:
Danger Sense.
Protection from Hostile Magic.
Evil Repulsion.
Awe-Inspiring Glamour.
Agression-Destroying Glamour.

Born in the suburbs of Sunrise City in the Late 1970's, Daniel Wallace was brought up in a normal loving home. His mother, a librarian and would take him to work with her before he was old enough to school and read to him and the other children. Not just the typical Dr. Seuss and such, but also the stories about all the legendary creatures and monsters of other lands as well. The stories sparked an interest in mythology in the young man which would become a lifelong hobby.

As Daniel grew older his tastes grew more diverse. Always a shy, quiet boy, he spent many hours at the library his mom worked at, reading nearly any book he could get his hands on. But it was the tales of adventure that he enjoyed most... Treasure Island was long a favorite through elementary school, in a constant war with a children's version of the Arthurian Legends. Reaching Junior High, Daniel's reading matured but his tastes stayed much the same. He read the whole of Don Quixote and then Le Morte De'Arthur. It was about this time that he also began to study the history of chivalry and knighthood, as it was outside of myth.

Much to his dismay, Daniel learned that most of the code of chivalry was but a theory to the rich nobles of the dark ages. Still, this did nothing to slack his love of the myth and ideal of the noble and virtuous hero. In fact, he adopted his own code of ethics based in large part on a knightly code, determining to be as good of spirit, sound of body and swift of mind as possible. He began to study the art of fencing in order to meet the physical ideal his new personal code demanded after finding an instructor willing to take on an entusiastic 14 year old student.

By the time of his senior year of high school, Daniel was just below a master-level of swordsmanship. He graduated the fifth in the class of 97 at Central High and found a partial scholarship to the University of Sunrise City as an English Literature major.

It was there at USC that Daniel met Tiffany Walton, in a British Literature class. Tiffany was attending SCU on a cheerleadering scholarship; the two met after being assigned to work on the big semster project together, their names being next to each other in the class roll. The relationship between the two was difficult; Daniel having always felt nothing but contempt for jocks and the popular crowd & Tiffany seeing Daniel as nothing more than some skinny geek she had to put up with to pass Brit Lit.

Still, sometimes fate works in odd ways and so it did with the two of them. Somehow, the two were in love by the end of the semester, the two having found enough between them to forget the jock/geek labels. The relationship changed the both of them. Daniel showed Tiffany that it was possible to live without conforming to every little thing and Tiffany awakened a new confidence in Daniel; one that gave him the courage to go out and do things for the first time. In fact, she was the first person he ever confessed his secret love of knights and chivalry to. The two went to their first Rennisance Festival the next weekend.

It was in the first semester of their junior year, fall of 99, when it happened. For weeks, a serial killer had been preying on women across the campus. Tiffany had been walking toward the library from her apartment, going to meet Daniel when he got off work from his job there. She'd made the same trip a many times before over the two years they'd been together. But that cold night in November, she never made it to the library and her body was found with a slit throat two days later.

Daniel was devestated during the next few days, blaming himself for the death. If it weren't for his job or if he had been there... she might still be alive. He stayed locked in his apartment until the funeral, refusing to talk to any of his friends who came to talk to him. He spoke to no one until the funeral, and even then it was obvious that something had changed in Daniel. He seemed to have reverted back to how he was before Tiffany... quiet, reserved... and nervous around the crowd of mourners.

Daniel stayed quiet through the whole reception after the funeral and the burial. Everyone left him alone as he stood by her grave as the last bit of earth was patted down. Unseen by anyone, Daniel stood there for a quarterhour just looking at the grave. Finally, he fell to his knees, kissed the earth and muttered a promise. "I'll find who did this and make them pay, Tiffany... I swear it..."

Daniel didn't know it, but he had wound up commiting to the first step a path that would bind him to a Knightly order shrouded in mystery.

The existance of the Knights Templar was well recorded throught history. Beginning as an order that protected travelers and pilgrims to the Holy Land, the Templars were offically adopted into the Church as warriors for the Crusades in the mid-1100's. It was also a matter of record that the Templars were responsible for bringing back a good deal of treasure from the Holy Land and used it to found a banking business that was originally meant to help organize funds to aid the poor but eventually became one more arm of the increasing corrupt and greedy Church.

What is not as well recordered, however, is that gold was not all that was brought back to Europe by the Templars. Rumors of artifacts of great power and strong magic still linger to this day; even that the Holy Grail lies somewhere in France near the seat of the Templars' power. But most of this is all speculation except for one fact: the Templars' did find some form of magic in the Holy Land and brought it back with them: a magic that bonded itself to those few deemed worthy to possess it, through several special rituals. This magic allowed the chosen powers beyond those of average warriors, enhancing their speed and strength in battle. Rare writings mention that there were several rituals that could be used to bond one to this magic, but only one is refered to specifically...

"When oath is made on a true love's grave,
And sword's taken up by one pure and brave,
To combat the evil and right the unjust,
To them our power shall we entrust."

Daniel slowly came to terms with the Tiffany's death over the next two months, finally finding a sort of peace and relieved himself of the guilt he felt over her death. The new millennium awoke on a calmer, recovered Daniel Wallace. Still, for some reason... Daniel couldn't shake the promise he'd made...he felt that something was unfinished.

It was on a Tuesday, January 11 when Daniel recieved a large package in the mail... it contained two costumes... customed fitted medieval outfits for the fair that he and Tiffany had ordered four months previous. Putting the gown she had aside, Daniel decided to try on his costume.. a chainmail suit complete with tabard: true knight clothing.

When Daniel put on the suit, he found that he could barely squeeze into the chainmail: the suit was far too tight. After double checking the shipping invoice to make sure that the measurements he gave were correct, he went to the bathroom to check his weight. Daniel found that he was 20 pounds heavier than he had been when Tiffany measured him. Five minutes and one hunt for a measuring tape later, Daniel found that without exception, his entire body was slowly gaining muscle mass. Over the next few weeks, Daniel monitored himself, finding himself gradually becoming more muscular and stronger everyday. By February the first, he had grown a full four inches in height and gained 50 pounds. His shoulders broadened and his muscles grew bigger: it was like he had gone into one of those Charles Atlas programs that promised a perfect body in just 7 days... only this one worked!

By this time, the reports of the first of the Millennials had come out... and Daniel knew that whatever was happening to him must be because of the same thing. Inspired by the new group of emerging heroes and remembering the promise to Tiffany, Daniel decided that, if only for a short time, he too would become a costumed hero...

After getting a blacksmith friend at the faires to reforge his armor to accomidate for his larger physique, Daniel set about his new heroism carrear in earnest. He found that, as he took put on his costume and sword over the next few weeks, that he had a whole slew load of abilities beyond his improved athleticism. He could now tell, within a certain range, when some act of evil was being comitted. He found that his very presence seemed to frighten those he confronted... moreso than even the image of a knight in modern times should.

On the surface, Daniel seems like a quiet, thoughtful and good humored young man. Tiffany's death made Daniel withdraw a little bit more into himself and made him a little bit more serious, but aside from that he is very much the same man he was. This seriousness becomes a bit more pronounced when Daniel is Templar. The intensity that he radiates seems to increase with the costume. And yet with that steel, comes a shine. Templar's attitude might be described as downright cavalier (no pun intended). While not being reckless, Daniel becomes more courageous; a swashbuckler who grins at the onlookers as he's risking his neck.


Swordsman: Daniel is one-grade below a master swordsman. He's familar with both fencing and freestyle swordfighting.

Librarian: A lifetime of patronizing libraries has left Daniel a near magical ability to find information, be it on the Internet or on a shelf. In fact, he works at the USC College Library as a research assistant.

Computers: Daniel is computer literate, being able to easily navigate the Internet, the databases on the College Library computers and other things relating to his job. He can also operate a word processor, Powerpoint , spreadsheet and other common programs a college student might use.

Mythology: Daniel is Minoring in Mythology. He's familar with the basic mythology of most ancient cultures; particuarly the Celts and Greeks. Admitedly this isn't a very useful minor except that if you're fighting somebody named, for example "The Great Chagawanda" and you know that Chagawanda is the name of a monster from Hopi Indian legends, whose name means "one who rips off your limbs and then sticks them where the sun does not shine". This will tell you that getting away from it would be a good idea. He is also vaugely familar with some of the magical rituals involved in those cultures, but not to the degree that he can actually work a spell unaided.

Literature: Being a Lit Major, Daniel is an extremly well read young man. Aside from being familar with the basic plots of the classics, he has made a major study of all the major classics involving knights and chivalry: From Canterbury Tales, to Le Morte De'Arthur, El Cid to Don Quixote.

Driving: Daniel can drive a car. He doesn't often but should he have to, he can. He can drive a standard AND an automatic, parallel park and such.

Cooking: Well, he's not a gourmet or anything but Daniel can manage to follow a recipe and fix himself a decent meal.


Doesn't Understand Power Fully: Daniel has no idea that the main brunt of his powers are magical in nature. He has no clue of his ties to the Templars at this time or of the magic he holds the potential to use...

Responsibility: Daniel feels a great responsibility to use his new powers and his resources to help people as best he can. Whenever he sees or senses people in trouble, he will drop whatever he is doing and rush to help them, simply because he can't live with the idea of what might happen if he does not.

Insecure: Despite his powers, Daniel is still very insecure about his having become a hero. He tends to overanalyze and second guess himself alot in stressful situations, wondering if he is doing the right thing in a situation, or in trying to be a hero at all.

Beacon For Evil- To creatures of a dark bent (vampires, demons, etc), Daniel is a sort of beacon, practically a giant neon sign. Anybody with these kind of senses will be able to sense Daniel's presence within a few blocks. More importantly, dark creatures will feel compelled to seek out and destroy Daniel, despite being nervous of him.

Beacon for Magic Users: Daniel's powers come from Templar magic and as such, can be detected as such. Anyone with a mild ammount of magical knowledge could easily figure that out and possibly discover Daniel's secret identity.

Role-Playing Logs

Hunt for A Killer

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